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Al Mac

Music from a global troubadour with an honest heart...

"The earthy tunes of Al Mac entwine a country upbringing with an international wanderlust. Serenity and grit meets blues, rock, folk and country, Al Mac’s repertoire has been refined over decades of gigs, campfire sessions and strumming on a plethora of porches. Each original track is carefully crafted with meaning, integrity and a feel of its own. This experience is best served live."


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About Al Mac

Music Tells A Story

Al Mac has always had a strong love affair with music. As a young whipper snapper growing up on the family farm near Esperance, Western Australia, he idolised the drummer in his father's band, "The Malleeroots", mimicking him on pots and pans. When that drummer gifted 6 year old Al his old drum kit, it set in motion a musical freight train which he would ride through to it's current location today. After drums, came the piano. Alas, once Al reached high school, the lure of teenage rock became too much, and so he set aside his trusty old piano and picked up a beat up old electric guitar. 

What has transpired over the years, has been decades of travelling with said guitar, both nationally and overseas. He absorbed musical influence from a diverse range of countries and cultures, and turned it into song and live performance.

Al settled back in the South West of W.A, and for the last decade, Al has established himself in the area, gigging at many of the regions pubs, breweries, wineries and festivals, both solo and with his band, "The Search Engines". He has also collaborated with and supported many of the regions musical legends. 

Despite decades of songs writing, it hasn't been until recent years that Al Mac has started immortalizing those by way of the studio. His much anticipated upcoming debut E.P “Of Lust and Lore” will bring to life the stories of his journey on the freight train, in his own unique earthy style. 

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